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Daz Lewis - Vocalist

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About Me


 I have always had a passion for music from the 1950s and 60s because that is what I grew up with, my Dad being a rock and roll fan. 

The first time I sang on stage was back in 1993 at a karaoke in Norwich.  The song was Johnny Tillotson's "Poetry in Motion".  From that night I was hooked on performing so I went back to the same pub every night trying different songs and seeing what happened.  I tried a Freddie Mercury song one night which came out surprisingly well, and it was then I realised I had a unique voice compared to other male singers because I could reach much higher notes with not much extra effort.

So I stuck with singing songs by Queen, Meatloaf and other artists you just don't hear anyone else doing.  After a while I started hosting karaoke shows at the pub.  I went on to hosting karaokes on the road with my friend's mobile show.  It was then I realised I enjoyed entertaining and working with people who came along to see us and we had some great nights!  Throughout the years I was lucky to work with several karaoke shows on the circuit in Norfolk. 

After fifteen years I decided it was time for a change.  One day in 2011 I met Keith Lebbell and his Mum in the local supermarket.  Keith's Mum knew I could sing and suggested to Keith I should join his band Wypeout.  I went to a few practice sessions with the band and when the then singer decided to leave to concentrate on a solo career I was invited to sing with the band full time. 

I was with Wypeout for two years up until April 2013 when I decided to have a try at solo work before I got too old to do it!!  So that's what I did.

I've now  enjoying a really successful career as a solo artist - surpassing everything I dreamt for.  In early 2015 I left the "day" job and am now working as a professional singer.  Making this decision means that I can spend more time developing my act and am now fully available for gigs during the week as well as at weekends.

So there we are...that's my career so far in a nutshell.  I look forward to seeing you at a gig sometime soon.


  Picture of Daz at Corton Hut

Photographed by Classy Clicks Vintage Photography



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